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Well if you liked Death Note theb you can try Umineko no Naku Koro ni which involves mystery solving with some blood and gore as well as magic.
Ghost Hunt involves paranomal phenomens and ghosts, basicly a ghost detective with some dark atmosphere and creepy moments.
You can try to watch Baccano because series are well excecuted and all the dots get connected and create one big story from simple train robery.

If you liked Bleach then go for D.Gray man because at the start they have similar theme going on: Excorsists (Shinigami) are killing akumas (hollows) who are human souls. Noah also might seem like espada at first. But otherwise stories are different.

For Full Metal Panic, well... you can try Fullmetal Alchemist (both seasons) since titles are similar
But otherwise it is a nice action series with nise set of characters only that 1st season is more dramatic while 2nd more humour based.

If you liked Elfen Lied then you can try Ga-Rei Zero because both series are more brutal and involve a tragic female character who are likeble. Also Ga-Rei Zero has a sisterhood theme going on like in Claymore, of course it differrs story wise.

Since you seem to like ecchi stuff then how about Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou?
Or Rosario + Vampire, though manga has better axcecuted story and more developed characters.

Also you can try Love Hina which is similar to Green Green at some point but it is less pervy. Also manga is better.
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