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I'm kinda under the impression that a strategic class mage is only as powerful as his equipement. for instance they need specialized equipment to fully use the power they have. It seems whenever I've seen them fight in situation where neither mage is using the specialized equipment they fight at the standard combat level or so. I'd guess that Tatsuya with the silver horn and Misaki with the crimson cad would fight at a pretty even level (one would be turned to atoms or worse). With specialized equipment tatsuya could obviously turn anyone to dust from super far away but does it say anywhere how his CAD effects his normal combat ability?
Masaki accidentally used his full power against tatsuya which was something his restoration fixed quickly. tatsuya wasn't even using any of his main abilities and was being held back further by the seal between him and Miyuki. Masaki wouldn't have stood a chance if it was one on one with Tatsuya using his full power. There is nothing even about a fight between the 2 of them.
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