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Originally Posted by kfcpanda View Post
just clearing up some misinformation:

rupture was used in the duel with tatsuya.

misaki's forced to use it indirectly, he was still using it. like he sends out stuff with liquid in them and then explodes those instead

rupture was an A-class spell iirc

i remember someone was comparing it to dispersion except that he needed liquid to do it.
It says he's using compressed air bullets every time it mentions Masaki's magic, here his the part where he goes overboard and hits Tatsuya.

A continuous chain of sixteen compressed air bullets, far surpassing the limits laid down by the rules, came swarming towards Tatsuya.

Unless it is explained somewhere else how this is related to rupture ofcourse. If you see it please post it cause I keep re-reading and only see him using other types of magic cause Rupture is too strong.
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