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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Hey, Tempy - sorry, been kinda busy all recently.

It's not that I don't like it per se, but something about your Gray Knights TSFiA seems off. I dunno, it just doesn't seem as engaging as Stray Dog or Noland were. Or Side Dish, but then Side Dish was all sorts of delicious. *shrug* I can't really put my finger on it. It just doesn't grab my interest the way the other examples did.
See, this is what I want to hear. That way, I can either fix things or try something else. In this case, I'll see to focus more on Stray Dogs or try other PMCs.

Originally Posted by sasahar17 View Post
I do have to ask about the PMC status. I’m not too hot on ML lore, but I always assumed that ML people wouldn’t treat mercs kindly. From the rampant nationalism and the way all many of the factions distrust each other, I assumed a soldier of fortune would be distrusted by nearly everyone. By definition, they are loyal only to the highest bidder, and this runs the risk on them skipping out when you need them to save their own hides or because someone just offend to pay them more.

The Grey Knights seem pretty idealistic from what you have so far. Perhaps something about the inception of their company is in order to flesh them out further.
PMCs come in many flavors. Some are purely in it for the money. Others just seek to do things their way -- the money is just gravy. The UN troops in the story rallied with the Grey Knights because their shattered morale was restored by the reinforcements. It was more of just a blurb about Grey Knights anyways.

I don't think there are any PMCs in canon, so I have to this without support. You are correct, however, in that majority of people do not trust PMCs. I mean, who would trust the guy whose sole reason for fighting for you is money? Still, modern organizations play by contracts, and no one will hire a group that breaks contracts for more money. When you work for governments, reputation is important.
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