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I couldn't read every single post but here's what I had in mind, quite random thoughts, not refering to any other post except maybe the first:

Yes, if someone who absolutely had no contact with anyone, his existance would be useless to the society. But his existance still carried something, because when he dies, he will decompose and 'return to nature'. He contributes to the carbon cycle, grows some fungi, algae and other micro organisms, maybe his corpse will also feed some larger scavenger or something lol

Its very hard to deem an existance completely meaningless and useless. Though I'm someone who thinks that our (human) existance is near insignificant, for now. Until we can leave our planet and cross several light years, humans are probably going to end up as nothing, just like the murder example in the original post.

I like to view things at a bigger scale:

Our planet is just one planet among the trillions of solar systems of stars in our galaxy, which is among even more galaxies.

When the Sun goes into a red giant, our human existance for a mere 15000 years or so would become nothing, even the Earth's 4.5 billion years is nothing.

Unless Voyager 2 actually ended up in someone elses scope/camera view, computer screen or even crashed into their planet.

If we still aren't able to make ourselves 'known to the universe', our existance would be useless in the first place. But of course, we may have already been known, by aliens that really are observing our planet.

An existance can only be insignificant at most, but can't completely have no value.

To deem a human existance useless, the planet must be destroyed, but then we may have already affected something in our galaxy. So to deem the planet useless we must destroy the galaxy. Next we have to destroy the galaxy itself, but at such a large scale, the destruction is sure to leave behind alot and cause alot more, so we must destroy the local galaxy cluster. Then we will have to destroy the universe itself and so on.
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