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No actually had the war gone longer the Chinese and EEU would've entered the fray to carve up Japan for their own purposes, essentially putting Japan into an all-out free-for-all brawl which was pointed out by Lelouch.
That was with the consideration that Knightmares were in play. It wouldn't have happened in conventional warfare, because they wouldn't have so easily crushed the Japanese forces.

Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
As for the knightmares, they were only effective for ground operations meaning that the Britannians were able to establish aerial and naval supremancy in order to land their ground forces for the mop-up.
Patently untrue. It is not necessary to completely establish aerial and naval superiority to land ground troops. A quick drop would be enough to get the Knightmares in, then they tear up the beach defenses. Knightmares completely altered the balance of power. They would not have been nearly as successful in a regular conflict.
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