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Japan is an island, and as such it would've been pretty easy for Britannia to blockade it and starve it into submission. The massive Britannian navy would've had no problem cutting off all shipping routes into and from Japan. Meanwhile the airforce indiscriminately carpet bombs all major cities. Starvation and massive casualties would break the people's will to resist, while the blockade would starve the Japanese war effort. Sure they have tons of sakuradite, but no raw materials to make tanks and planes etc.

This is a fact, how do I know? Real life, it worked for the US, why wouldn't work for Britannia which has access to a lot more manpower, and resources?
The US had a somewhat different situation with Japan in real life. Also note that, despite all the bombings, it took two nukes to get them to realize defeat.

The Chinese Federation might not take it as well. It also depends on their standing military and ability to resist. Obviously they couldn't starve the country out, or just didn't try. Instead they got Knightmares and invaded.
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