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I don't think people became horny and desperate. I honestly just think that many normal adults don't really want to give anime as a medium a chance anymore because of the association with the fanbase. But said fanbase is also the most consistent form of revenue because they are suckers who have no quality standards and a lot of money which they will part with easily. So the gulf between artistic or creative shows (which would interest normal people who are not into otaku crap) and otaku shows grows more and more. The otakus don't really want shows like that, since it doesn't interest them, and so they won't support such shows. But the overbearing presence of the otaku culture makes it such that people who would be interested in those shows simply don't want to be associated with watching anime at all. Hence in the end, there is a very, very tiny audience left for those shows.

That's how I see it anyway.
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