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Originally Posted by Yuno View Post
You point out the very scenario that the author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" made in the book. Great book, hasn't worked for me though, but makes a ton of sense~ To answer your question, I often wonder about that too. A lot of times I surrender and say "You're right" because I can't be bothered. Arguing usually leads to two unhappy people. If it's my love and he isn't an abusive jerk, I don't see reasons to argue either. Talking yes, compromise yes, arguing no.
^ Yeah, it does feel like wasted effort, especially if it's with a person you care about. One bad argument could jeopardize your relationship with them, is proving yourself right, saving face, or just plain stubbornness worth more than them? I'd like to think not.

Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
I'd say the point would basically try to present a fact or reason that the other party might be unaware, or to point out some flaw or weakness in their reasoning/logic/defense that they may have over looked previously in order to persuade them or some outside 3rd party.

Though obviously some issues for arguments will fall into more gray or vague areas which causes both sides to continue because they feel or believe they are right, or that the other side is wrong for some reason, even if neither will back down, then they might at least be able to see some validity or insight in the other side after hearing all they have to say in the argument, even if they still disagree. It depends how you define "argument" exactly though, because I don't think an "argument" has to be disrespectful by default anyways.
Oh yes I'm certainly not saying that it's always 4chan level, but you don't have to hear them shouting at you to know it's stressing them out.

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