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I figured I'd bump this thread since the movie came out yesterday.

So far, it seems the general consensus is that 50% of critics love it and 50% of critics dislike it, but next to no one "hated" it and the large majority of them are not saying that it's a horrible film, per se. However, a majority of user reviews (non-paid non-snobby/uppity movie critics a.k.a everyday people) have been showering the movie with nothing but praises. Regardless of one's own personal feelings on the story (some have said it is one of Pixar's best works, others feel it is lacking -- it'll all up to you in the end), no one can deny that the visuals and animation are absolutely stunning and superb. The score isn't too shabby, either.

I'll be seeing it today (hopefully), however I did spoil myself quite a bit by flipping through a children's book in Barnes & Noble about a month ago. I hope it won't ruin my perceptions of the film (an unlikely occurrence).

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