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Originally Posted by ogon_bat View Post
Maou has three syllables, MA-O-U same as Highness, MAOU-SAMA has five syllables vs. four of demon king
Yuusha has three syllables, YU-U-SHA Hero has two syllables, HE-RO
I may have to relearn my grammar after this, I don't know almost all of this . As a start, let me ask:

Why is Maou three syllable's? isn't the 'ou' in Maou not separate syllables? cmiiw, it's called the 'long o', often written with a dash above the o. Same thing with 'uu' in Yuusha.

Also, 'Demon King' four? De-Mo-N King, is that right? Seems strange if we leave out 'n' alone but not 'ng'.
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