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Was it really safe to tell the merchant all of that. Hope the sisters don't get hurt. So the Maou knew the Yuusha's friend, though it was weird that there were 3 of them in 1 body. So the Maou might not return as herself, does that mean the older maou's take over her body?
Her first deal with him (where she strongly hinted she wanted to open trade with the demons) and something the anime skipped had him figure out she was a demon by that point.
Spoiler for what was skipped:

Originally Posted by ookamigirl View Post
Hero was really keen on having his party.
Also keen on showing his friend that demons and humans can live in peace.
Maou was having an adventure of her own.
Knight was being weird again...
I really don't get what's up with her.
The church and the whole potatoes thing is ridicules.
Knight pretty much solved the who's the wife issue by makeing them both Hero's wife contracted property.

The church is starting to feel the sting of loosing thier grip on the Southern kingdoms. An ill wind is blowing and frictions are starting to build. Those in power seldomly willingly give it up. In time such as these all that is needed is the right spark to change the world.

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