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School Rumble manga (Del Rey Edition only)

Welcome to the Del Rey English translated School Rumble manga discussion thread. Please remember this thread is only for discussion of those chapters released by Del Rey, if you wish to discuss the latest raw chapters then please use the School Rumble manga (raw discussion only) thread.

Thread Guidelines
  • Try to keep spoilers out of the this thread. If you need to in reply to someone with a reference to the raw (manga) or TV series, either PM them or use Spoiler tags (see example below).
  • You may discuss your expectations of the future volumes.
  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
  • Try to keep the discussion on topic and future volume spoilers out of the thread whenever possible.
Please use the Report button if you see any unmarked spoilers or other problems.

Vol 1 Release Date: 28th Feb 2006. Amazon link, Barnes & Noble link

Vol 2 Release Date: 30th May 2006. Amazon link, Barnes & Noble link

Vol 3 Release Date: 29th Aug 2006. Amazon link, Barnes & Noble link

How to use Spoiler Tags

Spoiler tags are easy.

[spoiler=Spoon Bending]When does Tenma show she can bend spoons[/spoiler]

...will get you this...

Spoiler for Spoon Bending:

Please remember that the School Rumble manga is licensed by Del Rey.

Since it is licensed the following posts are not allowed
  • Asking where you can find School Rumble manga downloads, scans or translations.
  • Linking to School Rumble manga downloads, scans or translations.
  • Discussing School Rumble scan groups (past or present).
These rules applies to the raws as well.

You still are allowed to discuss the manga, that has not changed but please remember to limit the discussion to the story itself.
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