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Originally Posted by Rurouni
Can anyone tell me how good or bad the translation / editing is? Is it censored in any way?
Not knowing Japanese I can't really tell exactly how good or bad the translation is but from what I remember it reads just as well or better than the scanlations. As for being censored... what in School Rumble would be censored anyway? There doesn't seem to be anything censored and I can't really see a reason why it would be.

The big advantage with Del Rey is that they provide a wealth of translation and cultural notes. For example in the first volume of SR we have..
2 pages covering the use (and non-use) of honorifics and
12 pages (yes, twelve pages) of translation notes.
Theses notes are contained at the start (Honorifics) and end (Translation) of the manga.

They explain why (in Vol 2) Harima leaves off the -san honorific when talking to Itoko-san for example, without this the joke doesn't work or have much meaning. They use terms like "Mama-chari" (and supply a translation note, it's a specific type of bike) and "Yagami-saka Hill", which is an intensional typo.

There is one example given where the translation is different (Vol 2 p.43) but that's because the Japanese wouldn't make much sense, again it's all explained in the notes. Oh yes, they also translate the side notes on the pages (text that ran vertically on some of the pages).

So I think they have done a very good job (like the other Del Rey translations I've seen) but please remember that translation is an art anyway. It comes down to personal preference on the style.

And if anyone is wondering what chapters are in what Volume, so far we have the following

Volume 1 contains
Chapters 1 to 16 (sharp #, main story)
Chapters 1 to 2 (flat b, side story)

Volume 2 contains
Chapters 17 to 30 (sharp #, main story)
Chapters 3 to 5 (flat b, side story)

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