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Just to add some "explanations" of the concept, just in case:

As shown by Kinny's explanations, Power of Existence is completely different from "life span".
Even though one should live , let's say, roughly 80 years (think "Death note" life span, which is the common concept of most people), this person disappear if their PoE runs out (which happens only when it is forcefully cut short by a Denizen).
PoE is rather another "variable" which is the representation of the "existence", not "life" of that person (well, the word is "self explanatory")

As result, when a Denizen eats the PoE of someone, the said person doesn't have a "normal" existence, as the existence is conflicting with the prior interactions with other humans. Existence which shouldn't be shrunk in the first place are simply irregular in the world, and therefore, instead of being "harder" to realize (conflicting again with previous connections of the said person's existence), the existence itself cannot "exist" just like prior the intervention of a Denizen, and thus, it is steadely vanishing, until it is turned into a Torch.


As denizen usually don't create torches since they are only interested in their wishes (and so the PoE), the balance of worlds is disrupted. Even though devoured existences are forgotten, living humans still can sense inconsistencies due the abrupt disappearance of "existences".
Flame Hazes use a temporary method to lessen the impact of this, by creating Torches from the remnants of Existence.

A Torch is somewhat an "avatar" of the deceased human, as its existence is just a placeholder to prevent any abrupt disappearance. The torch "lifespan" depends on the remnants of the eaten PoE. This of course can vary from some days to weeks or even years.

Since eaten existences cannot stay in the world in such state, the Flame Hazes just recreate the persons under Torches, who will only live on with a degrading PoE.
Once an existence is turned into a Torch, it is no longer considered as a "human existence", and the said human is "officially" dead, as the Torch will never be able to turn back to a true living existence.

Flame Hazes aren't able to "repair" eaten PoE because PoE can only be "fixed" with PoE, and so, "helping" a torch would mean to tap the PoE from someone else. Therefore, they are unique and cannot be "replinished" until a specific power is designed for such purpose. (There is currently only one thing which has the power to do so, the Hougu named "Reiji Maigo")

Thus, Torches are replacing the presence of eaten people, but as their existence is fading, the impact of this disappearance is lessened since the existence of the torch is gradually degrading, leaving the humans with a near-perfect impression the person never existed from the beginning.


I'm not exactly sure if Denizens do care about the balance, but i really doubt it, so the use of Torch for them is quite limited, except some stuns like Friagne and Rami used.
Feel free to correct me etc
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