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Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
Take the hapless Hirai Yukari for example, after she disappeared (along with her just as unlucky parents), her apartment does not become vacant overnight. Rather, the stuff inside would continue to remain there, collecting dust. Neighbours would wonder "Did someone ever live here? No one's ever gone in and out for ages." (Not counting the fact that until recently, Shana never bothered staying there. )
Where was it mentioned that Yukari's parents had disappeared and that Shana is actually living in her house?

Originally Posted by Tokkan View Post

Mistes has no meaning in any language.
Mystes refers to an initiate in a mystery cult.

Which one do you prefer?
I know Wikipedia uses the latter and I believe believe that someone noted that that was the spelling on Geneon's R1 DVDs.

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