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Note that most of the info I wrote are based on novels, where everything else (anime, manga, game) is based from.

Flame Haze
Concerned with the overconsumption of PoE, some Crimson Lords decide to take it upon themselves to stop their own kind from disrupting the balance between the Crimson World and our world.

Physically manifesting themselves is impossible, however, as this means they have to consume other people's PoE as well, which totally defeats their purpose of "preserving the balance". So they decide to "borrow" the existence of certain humans, forming contracts with them, and lending them their power.

Which humans are qualified to become Flame Hazes? Basically, since these are powerful Crimson Lords, so they require "vessels" large enough to contain their existence. Usually, people with such "large existences" tend to be very influential people in society, like nobles and royalty. Example: Khamshin was a prince of a long forgotten kingdom, while Wilhelmina Carmel was a princess in medieval Europe. This may also imply that Shana, who "is large enough to contain [Alastor] with room to spare" may be of noble heritage or descended from someone influential, despite her being "an orphan", but we'll see.

After forming a contract, a Flame Haze would receive tremendous power from the Crimson Lord that he has lent his existence to. He would stop aging physically as well, becoming immortal in their eternal pursuit of Crimson Denizens.

The price of becoming a Flame Haze is that he would lose everything that he has and the world that he once lives in. His existence would be "forgotten", no one would know of his existence, besides other Flame Hazes and Denizens. Thus, as Shana puts it "Flame Hazes are no different from Torches in a way".

Most Flame Hazes tend to be avengers - those that bore a personal grudge towards Crimson Denizens as they have lost their loved ones to the Denizens. It is based on this hatred that some Crimson Lords choose their vessels as it drives the fire in their pursuit of Denizens.

The downside is that the Flame Haze may end up being subjective and too emotional. Margery Daw is a prime example of a Flame Haze driven to extremes by her hatred of Crimson Denizens.

The Crimson Lord Alastor, the Flame of Heaven, wishes to avoid such a situation, hence he chooses to raise a girl from childbirth and instill in her the knowledge of this world without any hatred attached, to allow her to understand the true meaning of "Maintaining the Balance of the Worlds".

Crimson Lords communicate with their Flame Haze via a Device (Jinki) (I forgot what it's actually called, can someone help?) It comes in any shape the Flame Haze desires. (Shana chooses a pendant for Alastor, Margery a book for Marchosias, Wilhelmina a ribbon for Tiamat, and Khamshin a hand ornament for Behemoth) These Devices act as the eyes and ears of the Flame Haze in our physical world, and can be summoned (teleport) any time even when its not physically by the Flame Haze's side.

That's all for Flame Haze for now.

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