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The way I see it, the end was left deliberately somewhat ambiguous with some mixed signals and bait thrown in for whichever side (intact bunny argument vs. text message argument etc.), in order to make the series finisher arc have more impact in the viewer's mind and add weight to it. I'm somewhat surprised with so many people here so eager to believe the "they died" interpretation. Maybe it's because it's always easier to believe bad news rather than good news.

Personally I choose to subscribe to the "they lived" side, as I find it easier to believe someone buys a new bunny vs. dead people sending text messages from the afterlife. But maybe that's my bias towards good endings speaking, as I've grown increasingly tired of "bittersweet" or bad endings in an attempt to add depth, which ultimately only serves to make me not want to revisit a series. I get enough bad endings in daily news reports.

The theory of the director including 2 different routes into this ambiguous...something, instead of following the happy end like in the previous 3 arcs is interesting, though if that's the case, then it's my opinion that the director made an error of judgment in this, as this kind of "Twin Peaks reality warping" comes pretty much out of the left field after playing things straight and happy for 11 episodes. I'll be interested to hear any additional information in the form of interviews or staff commentary that may shed some light on their intentions.

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