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lol didn't expect that, altho I did wonder how the relationship between Kurogane and Sayuri would develop(not just if romantically but overall), never expected that turn of events simply cause she is a ghost but in hindsight that still wouldn't stop either one actually loving the other.
Would just make the departure between the 2 ever so bittersweet, which I'm now actually hoping for.

I now know what this series is to me, it def is the same feeling as Smash.
I was in it for the sports at first but then got to a point where I stopped caring and just took everything else the stories had to offer, mainly the romance.
Expect here It's happened alot sooner than it did with Smash.
Altho I prefer the potential romance here cause I like Tsubame more

Also get the feeling theres a back story with Sayuri and her love life from before which I'm guessing involves a guy somewhat similar to Kurogane.
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