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For one, Goddess Madoka is being a benevolent existence and concept, so Touma wouldn't want to mess with her.

If anything, having her as an ally would blow Touma's mind even more so than the thought of having to destroy her.

I haven't thought much about him seeing Hyouka appearing as an ally that went to fight freaking Archangel Gabriel on a somewhat even footing, but knowing Touma, and applying the same thought process on Madoka as well, he'd rather deliver his fist personally to whoever is causing trouble than having Madoka deal with it.

Just my two cents.

Oh, and another thought crosses my mind.

Touma, being the cosmic plaything, wouldn't be so happy to know it was Madoka who was playing with his luck just because she finds him cute that way.

Spoiler for Suddenly, IDEAS!:

... I really should write that in the fanfiction thread...
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