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Originally Posted by desrtsku View Post
It's not like IB can't negate an abstract concept, it just needs need some way to "hold" it (like when it's present on a physical object ...
I think you've have the right idea - He could probably affect Madoka, but she'd have to actually appear before him first.

And even then, I get the feeling it wouldn't destory her, but destory her 'wish'

But even so, something like Madokami is something too much for the current Toaruverse as it is ... she's ... well ... something you can't just mess up with easily (unless you're Kami Tenchi or LoN Level that is) >.> ... I don't know about 50:50-chan or the God Broke Tier characters when serious though
What, you think that not technically existing on this plane of reality is some kind of protection? Really? With spells like Queen of the Fleet, and characters whose goals are to become God+, I don't think goddess Madoka would be safe if someone came gunning for her.
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