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I've just seen the ep. Overall, I'm quite happy with how Yui and Yuuya have grown since the last few episodes ago, where I made a long post vis-a-vis their relationship. They're now talking to each other, instead of talking at each other, which makes all the difference in the world.

We also see that racism isn't just confined to the Yanks and Japs - the Kazakhs and Georgians of Latrova's Zhar Battalion are quite hateful towards ethnic Russians. And one has to wonder what's been going on there - the way they talk implies that this isn't the first time they've tossed unsuspecting girls off to be devoured. It's disturbing, but also highlights just how bad the world is becoming.

All in all, decent ep, I think. And I'm glad that Yuuya is finally showing some of that test pilot skills - he's able to look at that railgun sniper rifle and instantly see that while it fits with the idea of staying at range, it doesn't work at all with the Shiranui Second's concept at all, but he'll try to make it work anyway. And Yui is mature enough to admit her misgivings. It's totally different from Episodes 4 and 5, and I approve indeed.

Also, it never fails to amuse me how they have their own names for the unit; Heinmann calls it XFJ, Yui uses Shiranui Nigata, and Yuuya has 94 Second.
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