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Originally Posted by erakk View Post
tsunade666, You don't need to utterly destroy my dreams... You know...
I agree, but i didn't want to.

After Alternative, i just want to believe (even if its less than 1%) on a reazonably happy ending. He suffered enough.
Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post

but truly indeed. He suffered enough. So its time to take a rest
Hmm... Sorry, new face popping in here. I've actually had a theory for a little bit that might actually be used for PaulXion's fic. Might just be pointless wishful thinking on my part, but here goes. Um, spoilers for Alternative?
Spoiler for MLA Spoilers:

Also, I'm of the mind that Quantum Takeru (aka the Takeru from every universe combined) might just be a completely different existence when compared to any of the original Takeru's.
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