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Gai and Kakashi's team will face off against Itachi and Kisame, but on their way there the teams get separated and ambushed by some of the other Akatsuki members. Ultimately Neji finds himself face to face with Itachi and Naruto is face to face with Kisame. Itachi and Neji are fighting and Itachi is actually impressed, but ultimately is too strong for Neji who is defeated. Itachi goes for the kill, but Sasuke shows up with his team who are now helping Kakashi's and Gai's team. So now it's Itachi and Sasuke facing off, but Sasuke realizes he's unab;e to defeat his brother alone. Neji gets up weakily tells Sasuke that Itachi is too much for a one one one confrontation. Sasuke grudgingly agrees and the two guys are going to face off against Itachi together. Naruto is looking at Kisame, but Kisame hears a voice from behind. It's Lee who wants to fight Kisame and for him to continue to go after AL. Lee gives his thumbs up pose. Naruto finds himself in a dark room with various clay statues of all the akatsuki members that had ever existed. They come to life and naruto realizes he can't defeat them all alone. This is when Shikamaru's Team and Kurenai's team shows up to save Naruto and get's naruto to continue on to AL. It's now AL and Naruto. The AL is smiling and they begin to fight. Mean while the others are still having problems defeating the other Akatsuki memebrs, when Gaara's team finally shows up to help.
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