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hmm.. I'd have to come back on my words.. I just edited 'my' script so that I need only 1 layer for a fixed length animation (like.. instant max, within 2 seconds back to zero). Of course it was possible with layer per syllable, but a plus about working with AE is that you can see what you're doing (so no 100's of layers), so i never (cough) did that before.

Anyway, here's the video (part of noein OP, my test .ass file ), a picture of how the expression (generated with for-loop in script) looks like, and the .aep project file for people with AE so they can see the whole expression.

I seriously hope more people would give AE a try now

(the expression looks more difficult than it is, and don't kill me shinji for using an expression instead of keyframes.. that's just impossible )
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