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It's in Japanese instead of English/other languages. XD

Anyways, being serious, I'm a big fan of both Japanese songs and English classic rock (I think I have about 5700 songs right now), and I notice a few things that are different:

- Japanese rap is something I can often tolerate, while English rap is something I loathe. Why? Japanese rap usually has a good melody in the back, while English rap always has those high-pitched synth noises (and is super repetitive). Ugh, I hate our radio.

- If we're talking about modern music, I notice that a lot of English artists are dabbling with Auto-Tune (which in my opinion, makes them sound like a retarded robot), and the songs are slowly losing their instrumental value. Back in the good days (the early 50s to the late 80s), people loved songs in their entirety. Nowadays, people like the singers (who honestly knows any of the members that plays for Lady Gaga's music?) Japanese music has this problem as well at times, but I love how most of their songs are still strong in their instrumentals.

- Oh yes, I love to rant about how bad our radio station is. I'm not lying here, it plays like the same 15 artists/songs over and over ALL DAY. They talk in between to keep it from being boring (and fail miserably). Back to the music, I notice a LOT of these are remixes from older songs (oh, the pain). Examples?:

- Madonna's "Time Goes By So Slowly" has a famous synth riff that is directly taken from ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).

- As the title suggests, Eminem's "Dream On (Remix)" places rap onto Aerosmith's beloved "Dream On". My body hurts.

- Gym Class Heroes' "Cupid's Chokehold" has a really annoying remixed chorus taken from Supertramp's "Breakfast in America". That remix just kills my childhood.

- Karl Wolf has a really modernized version of "Africa" that takes out most of the African-themed instrumentals of the original song, which was done by Toto.

Well, those are the 4 that really bother me. My point? English music (though not always true) is starting to get sloppy. Why would you try to profit off of someone else's song? Make your own songs; it's difficult to write entire songs, but it's NOT difficult to keep it different from other songs.

My other point from that rant was that I keep downloading modern Japanese music, and I don't have two songs that sound alike. Boy, am I thankful for the diversity of the Japanese music industry~

Now that I've mentioned those radio songs again, I'm going to attempt to filter it out by listening to my entire 5932 song library (finally looked at the count). See you in like a month XD
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