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1. Mikage wanted Kagura to regain his past memories of Apollon and Sylvie? What reason does he want that for just to get the Original Aquarion that was seal in Vega??? I know that Kagura and mikono are the key to awaken it. Does he want the soul of Apollonious??? Or bring back the Tree of Life again/ Shadow Angel????
2. Zessica touch the mirror it show Kagura and Mikono past life as Apollon and Sylvie (I think it show her that because it her desired to know what the different between her and Mikono for Amata's affection??)
I made some corrections.

For now we only know Mykage wants the Aquarion by using the presumed reincarnations of Apollon and Sylvie.

Note Apollon and Sylvie not Apollonius and Celiane nor Apollo and Silvia. If he knows the true name of Aquarion why not its pilots?

We can pretty much guess Altair is a alternate universe to Vega. Vega as confirmed with the TV Aquarion there is the TV series Earth. Altair is another alternate Earth with its own Book of Genesis, Izumo is reading it.

My guess since Apollon had still his wings in the visions, unlike Apollonius/Apollo in the OVA and TV series, is that the Aquarion in Altair's universe was never created. (Ignis mecha and Izumo wanting one Vector hint to it.)

Apollo and Silvia had their analogs in Apollon and Slyvie. Remember what Mykage said about the love of Apollon and Slyvie countless times? If we go by one universe that's twice but not infinite. Unless we are talking about the multiverse. Which Aquarion OVA is a explicit AU to the TV series.
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