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Originally Posted by HimeaSaito View Post
Would Amata be like that? No malice toward his comrades and against the enemy?????
I don't really understand your question, but Amata's does treat his enemies with malice (and only his enemies), outside of battle Amata shows no malice towards others.

However, Kagura's lack of humanity is strange considering how much of an emphasis was put on Apollo's and Apollonious's humanity, and how Apollonious's humanity had increased with Apollo.

Actually outside of cosmetic similarities Kagura is very different from Apollo, in other words Kagura's similarities to Apollo are basically the things that strike out to you you first see his character

the complete and utter lack of humanity, no wings (the wings in 11 were given to him by Mykage, Kagura has never sprouted them on his own), him actually turning into a wolf/giant giant (Apollo's sense was smell was something that he picked up, but it wasn't his entire character, Apollo's had wing imagery was WAY more pronounced than his beast imagery), no actual memory of Aquarion ( he's shown no recognition to its name being called), his violent streak, his desire to kill Mikono (as Apollo never held that desire to Silvia), his complete and utter disregard towards his comrades (Apollo was very loyal towards his comrades and would have given his life to ensure their safety), heck his complete disregard of others (looking back at Aquarion Apollo was very kind, and understanding), the fact that "Sylvie" is scared of him (since Silvia was never scared of Apollo).

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