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Spoiler for Warning: Not safe for...well, anyone, really:

Originally Posted by Amray View Post
Its a Japanese Culture for all the girls there to be really preeetty!! ^_^

Ugly girls are booted out of the country!

Originally Posted by Yaoi_Daisuki View Post
hey guys, any idea on the shoe locker thingy? you know in anime we always see students taking off their shoe and change the one in the locker . . Sorry if this have been asked before or if this is a practice done by other countries as well but certainly over my area we dont do that
It's considered polite. People also have inside shoes for the house -- you don't want to bring in dirt from outside into your home.

Osaka in Azumanga explained it well: What if you step in dog poo? You don't want to leave your shoes on and track it all across your floors.

Just take that logic and apply it to schools.
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