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Heading back to "Japanese Culture" (*cough* ), I enjoy this magazine: (4 issues, about $54/yr). Rather expensive but some seriously good articles and high quality pictures about various aspects of art, pop, and culture in Japan. Temples, bamboo, sashiko, pop (music, anime, etc), architecture, kokeshi, food (they particularly like discussing food as art), festivals, etc.

Minor nit: the first 10 pages or so are wasted with extremely vapid jewelry and fragrance adverts you see in many high-end magazines --- and the adverts use almost exclusively white european models which I just find weird considering the focus of the magazine. Fortunately, its only about 10 pages out of a very thick magazine.

As my wife's cousin said, while she was opening the magazine up, "What all these gaijin doing in these ads? What the f***?" (actual quote).
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