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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
I don't want to get into the topic much, but I can guarantee you it goes both ways.
South Korean media and educational institutes advocating hatred is just as much of a problem fueling the tention as Japanese cultural arrogance.
For every finger you point, opposite fingers can be pointed back. So be careful.
Of course, every nation/country on Earth has its share of xenophobia. We were just focusing on Japan.

But since we're on the topic: the "Korean Anti-Japanese Education" is actually a hype. Yes, there are Anti-Japanese sentiments, but it tends to be reactive (although an extremely tense reaction) compared to China or DPRK. There is no systemized education where Japan as taught of as an Evil Empire.

So please, unless you actually faced things yourselves, don't fall into the hype that the media tells you.
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