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Yeah, I was wondering as to why there was a CG in game featuring Nene kicking Touka into what looked like water.

I ditched the TG anime because while it had a fair share of Glitz and Flash, I didn't like the amount of yuri (something I've never had a taste for) and the fanservice didn't quite work with me. Things like the inclusion of the Yamibou cast just screamed "LOOK AT THIS!" in the wrong way to me (and I didn't quite like Yamibou either).

Then there's the matter of the art. I know that making every frame of the anime look as good as Carnelian's original art is nearly impossible (in fact, the closest I've seen is probably the H-OVA for Kao no nai tsuki), but the more I looked at it the more it struck me as wrong or out of place with Carnelian's originals. I've looked at the Megami promotional art for the anime and somehow the eyes and hair (something which Carnelian often gets impeccably right) just turned me off.

I was also looking into the anime in the hope that it would provide answers as to what happened in the game. No luck there (in fact I think no anime based on Carnelian-illustrated games have ever stayed close to the plot of the originals). Just a quick look at the character selection screen for the game's official website shows lots of characters that never made it or were reduced to cameos for the anime (such as Asuna, Riko, Atsuko, etc.). Even Sei is pretty different in the game than she is in the anime (in fact I believe that Juna is purely an invention by the anime's creators). Since it didn't have the answers I was looking for, I saw no reason to keep watching the show.

Well, at least I do get to know the game in some small measure thanks to your generousity. Would that others would be so kind . . .
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