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Just that one part in the beginning where I chose to go to different rooms, and that random fight. The rest is just clicking to continue. Nevermind. I got to an option thing right after I started playing today.

The art is...I don't know...Carnelian? Lots of pretty girls, everything seems to have an erotic touch and occasional lapses into chibi mode (but she's done hardcore yaoi games too, I think, so she can make bishies). The focus is definitely on the people, not the backgrounds, even in the CG's. The general backgrounds are kind of hazy looking. I haven't seen too many of those exotic backgrounds that I loved in the anime.

Haruhiko always seems to be either some sort of tsundere or just plain old grumpy.

Spoiler for More character pictures:

Blah, everything that furigana is probably important, so I'll just keep track of it for myself here...
Spoiler for random kanji that may be important later:

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