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Originally Posted by worldruined View Post
Am I the only one that thinks that, thus far, Nagato Yuki-chan is probably the most boring, limp little thing anyone could have possibly done with this series? Maybe it's just that I'm not really a Nagato fan (sorry), but it just seems incredibly generic to me and doesn't really capture any of the uniqueness of the original. I'm hoping that it will eventually pick up...
Originally Posted by worldruined View Post
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're right. I want to like it, since Puyo has a nice art style and can clearly do some great things with the characters and concepts (I find Haruhi-chan to be full of energy and fun, even if it's a little too centered on Nagato and fanservice in general, but what Haruhi merchandise in general isn't?). Nagato Yuki-chan just seems to be starting off pretty slow and with a little too much "formulaic harem manga" feeling. Hopefully that's just to lull the readers into a sense of complacency before pulling off a nice twist and kicking up the pacing.
I have to agree with you, so far. It seens to be reallly boring for now.

Originally Posted by yezhanquan View Post
It's only 3 chapters. Sometimes, a good story takes a couple of tankubons to appear.
Agree. However, Nagato-chan suffer from a problem with the side of the chapter and it periodicity. 19 pages is just too few for a mothly manga. Really. It is 3 mouths already and nothing happened yet. If it was weekly, we would have 12 chapters now.
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