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Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
Um... what? The closest this comes to the harem formula is "one guy, a lot of girls," and that's because Nagato never interacts with any guys other than Kyon and Koizumi(who is in another school), and this is her story.

I suppose you could argue that there's relationship stuff going on, but outside Yuki/Kyon, it's either being manufactured by someone else(Mikuru), to motivate another girl(Asakura), or non-existent(Tsuruya).
Maybe "cookie-cutter slice-of-life romantic comedy" would be better? I usually don't read/watch much of either genre, so my viewpoint is probably a little skewed.

Anyway... I still have hope for the series, I really do. I wouldn't bother reading it otherwise. It's just that for me, the opening chapters really drag. If it weren't for the Haruhi character names and designs, I couldn't see this standing out in any particular way from the rest of the stuff out there.
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