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Hello fellow anime lovers,

now i have a very picky taste in anime so i am finding it hard to find stuff i can stick to, so if you guys cant help i fully understand. these are the things i am looking for

i like to be able to get emotionally involved with the characters
Dark (demons, supernatural)
make you cry out of utter hopelessness or misery over the situation or suffering to a character you have grown to love (Wolfs Rain is a prime example of this)

i also like emotionless characters with a hidden past which makes them vulnerable you know the types kio out of fruits basket. D of vampire hunter D. sasake in naruto

(eg naruto
Spoiler for Naruto:

i have watched quite a few series but have currently gone blank for names :S

please no manga as i find i am too lazy to read -.- i know im a traitor

will be anticipating your response

thanks for reading


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