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After watching episode 3 my faith of this series was restored.

This episode is very well done and while the first 1/2 of this episode were completely original, it helps to set up the main event of this. It also made me to further stand by my statement that the opening scene in episode 2 should have use in later episodes such as this one instead wasting time in episode 2.

The conversation between Kirino and Kuroneko is great, and I love how Kirino plays the game while on the phone and Kirino was frustrated with 99%. Akiba scene is great as well and all of these really helps to set up that main event,

Kyosuke showed his manliness against his cop father. My favorite part is definitely the Bishojo game-like choice menu and the lines after. The whole scene make it like you're playing a visual novel game.

Overall I gave it a 9/10.

The point off been that I feel the content is a bit light overall and I feel a bit weird with the actual ending animation after getting used to the ending theme as the background music for the ending scene. But I have to say that I like the ending animation better than opening animation.

Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Dear lord... Shut up in the store. Where's the employees?
Don't know if you ever been to one of those shops...

All shops in Asian cities are like that. Depart store and Malls will have pop music blasting. Anime/manga specialty store will have anime theme that can be heard form outside, videogame store with have game music or game demo out loud. Stores in cities are like a little community gathering and you hear people talk about their favorite brands and items all the time. You'll have to yell to talk to an employee, unless you're at a high-end mall. Even then, you'll still need to speak fairly loud to get a conversation going. That's just how a large, busy city is.

Simply put, unless there is a sign on the door saying the area needs quiet (and not many place other than high-end bar or cafe), you won't see a quiet spot in cities like Tokyo.

But a minor playing an eroge? No no matter what, right? So let's remove those things. And I doubt his Dad really believes it is his eroges... But nah~ Lots of shouting and a punch, and he just gives up.
It's a heat of moment thing, while he might (and should since his a cop) realize the truth later, Kyosuke's father was already in shock and pissed off. As soon as Kyosuke's father punched him and said "do as you want" he can't go back and retract those word afterward. That's the way these stereotype Asian fathers work.

As for having the R18 stuff to begin with. Kyousuke is 2nd year high school and 17. while the law says 18 is the limit, any guys know that you can get those stuff somehow and most parents won't care and pretend not to they don't exist as long as you don't gfet caught openly and jack off too much....

I mean, how many people you know who never took a sip of beer or alcohol before their 21? and how many people you know waited to have sex until 18? and how many guys you know don't have porn somewhere in hiding? Don't tell me that your parent didn't knew you have sex, beer and porn, they just didn't want to get on you ass and want to give you a little bit of freedom. And they know that those stuff don't really have bad influence on you unless you go overboard. and most parent shift from preventing to educating because they know threw them away and forbid you from doing it won't solve anything.

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