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It's a theme, yes, but it isn't the main theme and it isn't a particular original one either. Kino's Journey and FMA 2003 may have the same theme of an "imperfect yet beautiful world", but I see that theme far less than that of trusting people and confiding in your friends.
And I said Kino no Tabi presented this theme better than Fullmetal Alchemist.

Well actually I am going to go further and say FMA didn't present the theme of "imperfect but beautiful world at all". Besides Roy telling Riza that the world is beautiful because of it's imperfections does the series ever show that? If it did it did a very poor job in my opinion. I mean how was this "beautiful world" shown in the first series? It wasn't at all. We barely got to know Amestris much less the rest of the FMA world.

With Kino's journey on the other hand it showed the beautiful yet imperfect world in every episode. It was a constant theme not just one that felt tacked on the end.

Now I am not going to completely put down the first series because if you take out "the beautiful world" aspect I think it is a series that shows "you don't always get what you want". This is not a bad theme & I think the first series did a good job with it but it's not entirely original either. Seems to be a theme in quite a few of my favorite Noir Films (talking about Hollywood films with less than happy endings btw).
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