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Originally Posted by KLGChaos View Post
@Arturro: I took it to mean that. However, she didn't demand it. She just said that "can" turn them in later...
I've a feeling that something is lost in translation. It's so unlike Medaka to allow her kennel to act independly IMHO she ordered them do return their arm bands, just she doesn't really care when they will do it. So the can choose time for returning arm bands.

A few posters are wondering why Medaka Box is popular among those people who, like me, complains about MB "plot". I don't know reasons of other people, but I like Medaka Box. Just as I like films like Braindead, Evil Dead, Return of Surfing Nazis and so on. In other words I like D class films, mangas, books etc. It's entertaining to watch/read something as crappy and grotesque as Medaka Box. Discussing with friends and other forum members about why it's so crappy is even more entertaining.
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