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Queen of Adriaic spell couldn't be used against other targets apart from Venice to begin with, the RCC had to add a new part to fire at AC. So they can't just use that to bombard other factions - otherwise if that's taken over by enemies it'll be troublesome at least.

Acqua CAN use rune magic for the water attacks, he used some 'Laguz' runes against the Amakusa (Vol16 ch2) - but those was just him playing around. During WW3 Acqua was controlling water directly from the snow around him as a shield against missiles.

And Carissa did have a way to get around the 'Curtana only to be able to be used in UK' limitation - a flying fortress that makes surrounding under the rule of UK (in Vol20), so in theory she could have the knights guard UK while she wipes out Europe (GRS aside).
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