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Yes, Aqua can use rune, but what I mean isn't that he can't use it. But I mean those spells he pulls out when he is in full power while fighting Kanzaki where he controls water and the forces of the moon directly.

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That was not weakened Divined Punishment. That was her losing control of it. Vent's control over the spell is unrelated to Divine Punishment's natural range.

the only Angel class being in GRS is Fianma. As for Curtana. It's a truer expression of Telesma than any of GRS besides Fianma.

You were saying God's Right Seat. La Regina is not a GRS specific ability. It's an RCC ritual. Divine Punishment was never being nerfed. There was only Vento losing control over it due to the AIM effect on her body.

He could react well when Acqua simply changes the setting on Ascalon. It's more of surprise when he pulls out the second hidden blade and mace which made him slow down more than anything else.
Please see the quote from Index I have just listed. Divine Punishment has no range limit in the beginning, it has nothing to do with Vent losing control.

As for the queen's fleet, please do not forget the Rosario is a formula written by Vent. Without her, the fleet can't attack targets outside of Vanice. Vent even attune the spell to her self so that she can use the fleet just on her own. (although smaller in size).

As for Knight Leader's speed. By react I don't mean he can't respond to disable the weapon, but rather, he has to slow down and stay still to point at the weapon to disable them. In other words, he cannot dodge in that state and a stand still target. If he can maintain his acceleration while casting the spell, he could still have backed off from Aqua's reach even if he failed to disable the weapon.

On the other hand, Aqua in full power well have his super sonic speed back, and can be even faster by casting the moon spell and can attack without weapon. How is Knight Leader going to handle all that?
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