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Originally Posted by Phibrizzo View Post
The cross is the catalyst for it, and for her to be recognize as Jesus she must bear it. And it fits with Index description for the spell then again I am sure UK have places that can pretty much ignore the effects of DP, like when people weren't complety affected by Angel fall.
Index indirectly pointed out that with high class defensive tools such as the walking church you'll be protected against Divine Punishment. Who knows, maybe the spell can also be protected in the same way that you can block Sheol Fear (put a specific magic barrier around yourself before coming into contact with the spell).

Originally Posted by Wilfriback
I got the feeling Vento targeted her spell only within AC, but when she got injured by massive AIm her target spread to world wide level.
From the start I got the impression that since Academy City spread the news about the incident along with Vento's identity (more like appearance), people from outside Academy City naturally started to be affected as people thought bad of her. It's not that Vento could control the spell, but instead is more of that Academy City intentionally "showed" the conditions necessary to be under the effect of Divine Punishment as to use the attack as propaganda.

The stake (piercing) and the cross were tools necessary to imitate the son of God and have access to the spell, that's one of the first thing that are pointed out, for what I remember.
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