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Originally Posted by cindialai
I want to find out which Anime is popular in Japan, where can I find the weekly ratings online? Thanks in advance...

Video Research is somewhat like your Nielsen's. They are a market-research group that focuses on media ratings.

As for the week of April 11th, the top 10 anime shows were:

"Sazae-san" 16.8%
"Anime7" 11.9%
"Chibi Maruko-chan" 10.6%
"NHK Anime Theater - Hino Tori" 10.2%
"NARUTO" 9.7%
"Konjiki no Gashbell!" 8.7%
"Tennis no Oujisama" 8.3%
"Futari wa Puricure" 8.1%
"Pocket Monster AG" 7.5%
"Wagamama Fairy Milmo de Pon!" 6.7%

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