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Originally Posted by willyvereb View Post
About the Kaname-Zero comparsion you're right, but when you went to details I can't agree with you.
Kaname IS obessed by Yuki almost more than likewise. For him everything is gray or dark except her. I have a guess that without her he would break or go insane. His feelings to Yukki is not love, but obession. She is the only thing where he can act selfishly. Don't misunderstand. He cares for others to some extends(they're the grey place of mind the dark place is the people he's close to unconcerned, and the red place where his enemies reside. It's just a quick theory of mine) and he really is kind, but have little bonds with them. He really bound to his own rules and his duty, that's hwy he spared Zero's life.
In short he's seemingly an awesome incredible man(it's actually true too), but inside his state is extremely pitifull. any of Zero's suffering a broad daylight compared to Kaname's.
Well, true that Yuki is his obsession, but she is only his obsession because her parent's, raised him like their own. He has that debt to them. But look at how loyal Ruka was to him. He gave Yuki so much importance, and then that was it. Everything revolved around him and Yuki. He did let Yuki have the option to leave him, but even then he should know that there are people who are willing to give him more than Yuki ever could.
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