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Let's face it. Kaname is a dark prince, but is actually dark. His conscience revolves around Yuki, whose parents raised him, and took him in, as their own. Other than that, Kaname is a very powerful being, without much struggle, whose goal is to protect Yuki. He also had his fare share of followers, who treated him like the royalty he was. The reason I like him, is because, in the end, he was willing to let go of Yuki, and go on his own way. His obsession with Yuki makes him good for Yuki, but his sinister acts may ultimately lead to a fatal loss, due to the path he chose. To him, everyone is a chess piece, and Yuki is the queen, the most precious, compare to the Knight, Zero, who was more like a powerful tool to him.

Zero, on the other hand, got it really hard. Born in a Vampire Hunter family, he did lose both of his parents, and back-stabbed by his own brother, at such an early age. His brother was like a best friend, and the only known friend in the anime, during his childhood. Imagine, losing someone so close to you at an early age, who back-stabs you, and then disappears. This is what Zero had to endure. He must have ached for revenge all those years, including controlling his Vampire hormones, which is much more tempting than lust. He could not be close to the only person that took him in due to that, and his strict status quo, heightened more by Ichiru's betrayal.

Taking both of these characters at hand, I can tell this much that, Kaname did not care much for Zero, and would have let him turn into a level-E, or even kill him before, if he had to. This was not done, mainly because Yuki's connection to Zero. Zero on the other hand, not only hated Kaname, but hated himself throughout the series. His pain is fueled by gaining the brother he lost contact with, and losing him again. Zero may not treat Yuki well, but at least he knew what good and bad was, to the point of killing himself. He would have kept Yuki the happiest, if his life were not so messed up. He could have been just a human, and lived with her happily. Kaname, will most likely treat her with luxury, but his path is clearly meant to be a tragic one, compared to Zero, who will keep hunting them one by one, until he loses, wins, or gets too old, or weak. His life is not all that glamorous, but as a character, his loss will always be the most tragic. One of the most painful characters in the anime.
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