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Impeccable timing, Karuma. I was actually torn between putting this in the Lelouch thread or on here, I just got back from checking a sig gallery to post it on here.

Question: Why didn't Lelouch use his geass on Cornelia during the hotel jacking at Kawaguchi? DUDE SHE WAS RIGHT THERE!

I'm also aware his geass could've reached her, that is obvious. He has set up conditions for when a geass command activates before, why wouldn't he use it on her? That could've saved him so much trouble later down the road.

I have to guess he didn't care, and just wanted to save the student council... but damn, for a genius that wasn't a opportune thing to do.

If I were him, I would've done it the moment she got out of her gloucester. Again, why didn't he use it? It would've been a better tactic then Narita.

Though Narita was cool cuz' the Guren almost trashed the Lancelot. Uncool part? Mao-encholy event.
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