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Completely irrelevant question: In season 1 Suzaku was playing with a small plant before meeting Shirley in the club room. I think it was the episode where Lelouch gets beat by Cornelia for the first time.

What was the name of the plant he was waving around?

(( This is so offtopic to CG that even I'm amazed I'm asking this here, sorry guys ))

As for topic: What would be the reason to waste Geass on Cornelia so early? At that point in time Lelouch was still trying to figure out the limitations to his geass(that girl writing on the wall) and I'm sure he wasn't sure about an 'Obey me forever' command.

You forget something also, at that point The Order of the Black Knights was established as well. Lelouch didn't have time to spent with Cornelia, he needed to save euphie and the rest of his friends. Show his group as a heroes and win over za warudo with his awesome black cloak and justice speech.

That and he was also confident that he didn't need to use geass on Cornelia because he could always defeat her based on strategy alone ( which he did in the ending of season 1 till everything broke apart )

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