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Originally Posted by Lost Cause View Post
But being she's a cops wife you'd think shed know how to use a gun or some sort of self-defence martial art right?
That's a fair point I hadn't considered. True they may be in a small city/large town in Kentucky (so there would be less crime overall), but the likelihood that she would learn some self defense specifically from her husband does seem like a legitimate argument.

Originally Posted by Lost Cause View Post
To just shack up with the nearest guy with a gun smacks of being sexist! "Oh the weak woman needs a big strong man to protect her". AS IF! This is the new millenium and we women are learning self-reliance!
How is using sex to get protection not self-reliance? . If the only way I could survive an apocalypse was to sleep with some ugly guy, then I damn well will sleep with that ugly guy. Pride does not matter in the end, only survival, and Sex can be a downright powerful tool even when used in the hands of a novice...much the same as a gun .

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And yes James it is a new Dodge Challenger! I see them daily,
It's one of the new ones, right. The 3rd Gen models. My father had an original from 70-71...damn was that a nice machine...
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