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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
That's a fair point I hadn't considered. True they may be in a small city/large town in Kentucky (so there would be less crime overall), but the likelihood that she would learn some self defense specifically from her husband does seem like a legitimate argument.

How is using sex to get protection not self-reliance? . If the only way I could survive an apocalypse was to sleep with some ugly guy, then I damn well will sleep with that ugly guy. Pride does not matter in the end, only survival, and Sex can be a downright powerful tool even when used in the hands of a novice...much the same as a gun .

It's one of the new ones, right. The 3rd Gen models. My father had an original from 70-71...damn was that a nice machine...
Using sex to get something is selling yourself out to the biggest, baddest "gun" in the group! Like that Dobson character! Plus it's not commiting to anything like love or honor, it's just to get protection and sex.
But in the sake of not bogging this thread down on an argument that will be resolved next week, I'm willing to table it for now.
Yup, a 3rd gen Challenger! And if I remember right it was the R/T model meaning according to the website; "The R/T model comes standard with the 5.7 liter HEMI producing 375 horsepower! With a standard or automatic transmission." My brother Dwayne had a '73 Challeger T/A when he was in high school, a very cool car for sure!

Ride, Boldly Ride!
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