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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Yes, that was hilarious. Best anime original scene ever? Because i'm sure i would have remembered if that happened in the manga. Or it did, and it was in the bottom of a panel somewhere.
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I seriously doubt it. Nice addition that from the studio team. Kind of makes me hope that we'll see Jellel someday in the manga *wishful thinking*
I don't remember whether Lucy's clock saving her is in the manga though. That part has completely slipped my mind. Love the comedy there when the spirit bambles on about its newly gained abilities. lol.
I rechecked, and lol, the squirrel scene was actually in the manga. A centre panel no less.

But I guess it was pretty easy to miss out, considering that it was done in an unobstructed manner compared to the oh-so-obvious way the anime did it. tldr; everyone was paying attention at Erza's eyes and lips in the manga page to notice.

But the Lucy scene was manga original.
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